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  • Vasa Museum

    Visit the Vasa Museum and experience one of the biggest ...

    Normally SEK 150.00Learn more »

  • The Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace

    Visit one of the most impressive palaces in the world, the ...

    Normally SEK 160-180Learn more »

  • Skansen Open Air Museum

    Founded in 1891, Skansen is the world’s first open-air ...

    Normally SEK 125-220Learn more »

  • Hop On Hop Off Bus and Boat Tour Stockholm

    Hop On Hop Off Stockholm Bus and Boat Tours

    Explore Stockholm aboard a Hop on Hop off bus and boat tour ...

    Normally SEK 560.00Learn more »

  • Nobel Museum

    Nobel Prize Museum

    The Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm is the place to learn ...

    Normally SEK 120Learn more »

  • Nordic Museum Stockholm

    Nordiska Museet

    The Nordic Museum is one of the best ways to learn about ...

    Normally SEK 140.00Learn more »

  • Drottningholm Palace & Boat Tour StockholmBoat: Apr-Oct

    Drottningholm Palace & Boat Tour

    Take a boat trip through Lake Mälaren to visit Drottningholm ...

    Normally SEK 350.00Learn more »

  • SkyView


    See the city from a unique perspective from the top of SkyView.

    Normally SEK 160.00Learn more »

  • Fotografiska


    Fotografiska, is one of Stockholm’s most popular ...

    Normally SEK 165.00Learn more »

  • Royal Canal Boat Tour StockholmApr-Dec

    Royal Canal Tour

    Enjoy a short boat trip and a true sightseeing experience of ...

    Normally SEK 230Learn more »

  • Artipelag Art Gallery & Boat TourCruise: May-Sep

    Artipelag Art Gallery & Grand Canal Cruise to Artipelag

    Set on the beautiful island of Värmdö in the Stockholm ...

    Normally SEK 380Learn more »

  • Prince Eugen’s WaldemarsuddeJul-Aug

    Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde

    Visit one of Sweden’s most beautiful art museums, Prince ...

    Normally SEK 150.00Learn more »

  • Stockholm Panorama Tour

    Stockholm Panorama Tour

    Enjoy a luxury sightseeing tour with Stockholm Excursions ...

    Normally SEK 330.00Learn more »

  • Gröna Lund Tivoli StockholmApr-Sep

    Gröna Lund Tivoli

    Gröna Lund in Stockholm is Sweden’s oldest amusement park, ...

    Normally SEK 120.00Learn more »

  • Färgfabriken


    Founded in 1995, Färgfabriken has served as a platform for ...

    Normally SEK 70.00Learn more »

  • Sven Harry’s Art Gallery

    Sven-Harry’s art museum has a mission and underlying theme ...

    Normally SEK 120.00Learn more »

  • Millesgården

    Millesgården’s Art Museum is dedicated to the works by ...

    Normally SEK 150.00Learn more »

  • Skansen Aquarium

    Skansen Aquarium

    Love animals? Skansen Aquarium is a must-visit! With over 200 ...

    Normally SEK 120Learn more »

  • Storkyrkan Cathedral

    Located in the picturesque medieval Old Town in Stockholm, ...

    Normally SEK 60.00Learn more »

  • Daytrip to Birka by Boat Stockholm4 May-22 Sep

    Birka - The Viking City

    Take a boat to Birka and enjoy a whole day’s outing to ...

    Normally SEK 410Learn more »

  • Guided Old Town Walking Tour StockholmMay-Aug

    Guided Stockholm Old Town Walk

    Join a guided walking tour in the Old Town to experience the ...

    Normally SEK 220Learn more »

  • May-Sep

    Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm

    Visit the beautiful pleasure palace Chinese Pavilion, a ...

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • Archipelago Tour Stockholm

    Archipelago Tour with Guide

    Get familiarised with the stunning scenery of Stockholm’s ...

    Normally SEK 305Learn more »

  • Lake Mälaren Cruise to Sigtuna

    Sigtuna was the heart of the Swedish Empire and the first ...

    Normally SEK 375Learn more »

  • The Viking Museum

    The Viking Museum

    From immersive exhibitions and archaeological discoveries to ...

    Normally SEK 159Learn more »

  • May-Nov

    Riddarholmen Church

    Built in the 13th century, the Riddarholmen Church is ...

    Normally SEK 50Learn more »

  • Under the Bridges of StockholmApr-Nov

    Under the Bridges of Stockholm

    Experience Stockholm from the water on this complete ...

    Normally SEK 195Learn more »

  • Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

    Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

    Explore the the world of theatre, music and dance at the ...

    Normally SEK 140Learn more »

  • Bergrummet

    Bergrummet - Tidö Collection of Toys & Comics

    Home to over 40,000 items, visit the largest toys and comic ...

    Normally SEK 140Learn more »

  • Museum of Spirits

    Museum of Spirits

    Taste, smell and learn about the Swedish spirit tradition and ...

    Normally SEK 130.00Learn more »

  • Vaxholm Boat Tour Stockholm

    S/S Stockholm to Vaxholm

    Enjoy a beautiful boat tour aboard the S/S Stockholm to ...

    Normally SEK 305Learn more »

  • Dance Museum

    Dance Museum

    Discover dance costumes, paintings and more with a visit to ...

    Normally SEK 120Learn more »

  • Mar-Dec

    Drottningholm Court Theatre

    Commissioned by Queen Lovisa Ulrika in 1766, this simple but ...

    Normally SEK 110.00Learn more »

  • Strindberg Museum

    Strindberg Museum

    Explore the former home of Swedish playwright and artist ...

    Normally SEK 75Learn more »

  • The Royal Stables Stockholm

    The Royal Stables

    The Royal Stables can be traced back to the time of King ...

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • Fjäderholmarna Islands Boat Tour1 May-8 Sep

    Boat to Fjäderholmarna

    Get a taste for the Stockholm archipelago with a short boat ...

    Normally SEK 155Learn more »

  • National Museum of Science and Technology

    National Museum of Science and Technology

    Visit the National Museum of Science and Technology, the ...

    Normally SEK 150.00Learn more »

  • Butterfly House - Haga Ocean

    Butterfly House - Haga Ocean

    Learn about some of the most beautiful creatures in the ...

    Normally SEK 190Learn more »

  • Gustavsberg Boat Tour Stockholm25 Jun-2 Sep

    Grand Canal Cruise to Gustavsberg

    Enjoy a free boat tour to Gustavsberg, a beautiful journey ...

    Normally SEK 295Learn more »

  • Skokloster Castle & Boat Tour StockholmBoat: Jul-Aug

    Skokloster Castle & Lake Mälaren Cruise to Skokloster

    Enjoy a free boat tour to the historic Skokloster Castle, one ...

    Normally SEK 380Learn more »

  • Historical Canal Tour StockholmJun-Aug

    Historical Canal Tour

    Stockholm is the perfect city to enjoy from the water so ...

    Normally SEK 230Learn more »

  • Rosersberg Palace Stockholm

    Rosersberg Palace

    Enjoy a boat tour to one of Sweden’s hidden gems, the ...

    Normally SEK 100Learn more »

  • Lake Mälaren Cruise

    Cruise on Lake Mälaren to Mariefred

    Slowly meander towards the quaint town of Mariefred and ...

    Normally SEK 360Learn more »

  • Bergius Botanic Garden

    The Bergius Botanic Garden is beautifully located at lake ...

    Normally SEK 80.00Learn more »

  • Vaxholm Fortress MuseumMay-Sep

    Vaxholm Fortress Museum

    Head out to the imposing historic building in the Stockholm ...

    Normally SEK 80.00Learn more »

  • Gripsholm Castle StockholmApr-Nov

    Gripsholm Castle

    Built to be a defending stronghold in 1537, Gripsholm Castle ...

    Normally SEK 140-160Learn more »

  • Gustav III’s Museum of AntiquesMay-Sep

    Gustav III’s Museum of Antiques

    Gustav III’s Museum of Antiques is located in the northeast ...

    Normally SEK 160.00Learn more »

  • Jun-Aug

    Gustav III’s Pavilion

    Visit the beautiful Gustav III's Pavilion at Haga Park, ...

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • Rosendal PalaceJun-Aug

    Rosendal Palace

    The Rosendal Palace in Stockholm is located at beautiful ...

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • K.A. Almgren Silk Weaving Mill

    Visit K.A. Almgren Silk Weaving Mill and discover the history ...

    Normally SEK 75.00Learn more »

  • Police Museum

    Come and learn more about the Swedish police force! Welcome ...

    Normally SEK 60.00Learn more »

  • Postal Museum

    Visit the Postal Museum in Stockholm to learn more about the ...

    Normally SEK 80.00Learn more »

  • Stockholm Winter TourDec-Apr

    Stockholm Winter Tour

    The Stockholm Winter Tour is a great way to experience to ...

    Normally SEK 290Learn more »

  • Casino Cosmopol

    The Casino Cosmopol Stockholm, a state-owned casino, is the ...

    Normally SEK 60.00Learn more »

  • The House of Nobility

    Visit The House of Nobility in the Old Town and experience a ...

    Normally SEK 60.00Learn more »

  • Tom Tits Experiment

    Tom Tits Experiment

    If you’re visiting Stockholm with the family, you won’t ...

    Normally SEK 190-225Learn more »

  • Tullgarn Palace StockholmJun-Aug

    Tullgarn Palace

    Visit the beautiful Tullgarn Palace, the rural summer ...

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • Ulriksdal PalaceJun-Aug

    Ulriksdal Palace & Orangery

    If you’re in Stockholm for longer, make a day trip out of ...

    Normally SEK 120.00Learn more »

  • Bonniers Konsthall

    Explore Swedish and contemporary art at Bonniers Konsthall

    Normally SEK 100.00Learn more »

  • Thiel Gallery

    Situated in one of the most picturesque areas in Stockholm, ...

    Normally SEK 130.00Learn more »