Free entry to the Vasa Museum with the Stockholm Pass

Vasa Museum


Stockholm Pass Benefits:

Free entry to the Vasa Museum with the Stockholm Pass
Normal Price: Adult: SEK 150

Visit the Vasa Museum and experience one of the biggest cultural treasures in Sweden – the warship Vasa that sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage from Stockholm. Learn about the history of the ship through fascinating exhibitions and see the restored wreck that was salvaged from beneath the water.


  • 'Life on Board', historic artefacts retrieved from Vasa
  • 'The Salvaging', telling of the salvage of Vasa 1956 - 1961
  • 'Preserve Vasa', presenting Vasa’s restoration 

Did you know:

- The battleship Vasa sank in 1628 after just sailing just over 1300m

- She lay below the surface for 333 years until being discovered by Anders Franzén and salvaged in 1961

- Some blame King Gustav II Adolf for the disaster, who ordered a large ship with so many heavy-calibre cannon for the ship’s dimensions. Others blame Master shipwright Henrik Hybertsson who was inexperienced at building ships with two gundecks.

Things to see:

Guided Tour

Vasa Museum has many fascinating exhibitions that detail the story of the sinking of this great battleship in 1628. Join a guided tour and learn about the story of the sinking, the years it took to salvage the ship and the long restoration process to turn Vasa into what we see today.


The historic collections contain many objects that were found in the ship; from tools to decorative pieces, as well as personal belongings from the crew.  You can also see the remains of some of the unlucky who went down with the ship. Through the historic exhibitions you can learn about life on board and shipbuilding techniques of the 1600s.  

How to get there:

    Bus: 67, 69, 76 Hop On-Hop Off
    Tram: 7
    Boat: Hop On-Hop Off

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